What the Consultation is for: To see your bone structure and skin type. To analyze your hair texture and fullness. We like to go over your desired hair and makeup concepts, understand your wardrobe colors, textures and jewelry. If you have a veil, we like to know the weight of it, if you intend to remove it at any point, etc. 


The consultation allows Ms Painted Lady to understand the desires and personality of each bride so that we may find your personalized artist that is the perfect fit!


We LOVE Pinterest. Please feel free to follow our Pinterest boards and repin away! Mark your board concepts private so that your potential guest do not see any of your behind the scenes details. Feel free to comment on things you love about those images so that we can better understand your desired outcome! 



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*A consultation is not a guarantee of services. There is no finalized booking until a contract and deposit are in place. 


What the Trial is for: We take a lot of time looking through examples of beauty concepts you prefer. We will observe color and jewelry choices you've selected. We will then make suggestions on things that will work for you or breakdown parts of a picture to better understand the in's and out's of your mind. The trial is for all of this. The trial itself is for our own knowledge and understanding. It ensures that we are prepared and equipped for anything come your big day. The outcome itself is almost always never accurate. As this benefits us to be better prepared and knowledgeable of your bone structure, skin texture, eye shape, etc, it can also expand your hair and makeup ideas after viewing these looks on yourself. Often times, brides change their makeup and hair concepts entirely post trial. 


-Trial is complimentary for the bride only upon booking. All trials prior to booking are paid. Inquire for fees.

-The trial is subject to availability per requested event date.

-There must be a contract in place along with your designated deposit before the trial is considered complimentary.

- Complimentary Trials ARE NOT under any condition redeemable on WEEKENDS! Friday-Sunday

Complimentary Trials ARE NOT under any conditions redeemable on PORTRAIT DAYS!

- You must come to us on location 2695 Villa Creek Dr #B130 Dallas, TX 75234

- Trials Last 3 hours for Desi brides and 2 hours for any other denomination.

- If you fail to show at the time specified for your appointment, Complimentary trial is null and void and an additional $85.

- Maximum of 2 people allowed to accompany bride. Space is limited in studio. Guest may have to wait in the lobby

-We maintain a text free environment unless it's the day of your event.

-We require written and signed consent and do not give verbal confirmation per any details exchanged.

- Hair must be washed the night before or morning of


- Clean Face

- No flat ironing 

- Let Ms Painted Lady Lead the trial

- Bring beauty images of inspiration. 


On Your Big Day: We will show up, look at your outfit/gown and jewelry laid out, set up, and go to town. We may ask a couple of questions to reiterate preferences or things from the trial that we chose to change or didn't work, and clear our mind of all else, and just go for it. This whole beauty process is a collaborative effort between Ms Painted Lady and you. With everything that will be running through your mind on this huge occasion in your life, the last thing you need to be concerned with is navigating us on how to make you look perfect. We will already know your every desire to bring that out. So have peace of mind on the wedding day who's hands you're being trusted into.

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We maintain a text free environment unless it is your event day