How the booking process works

01     Make an Inquiry



Please thoroughly look through the FAQs page prior to contacting us. Once you are sure of our open bridal dates, feel free to:

Go to our Contact page and fill out the form.

We will email you our package options to review.


Bridal pricing begins at $1,650

Contract booking minimum is $2,000


02    Schedule the phone consultation

Once you have looked over the package and are happy with the services we offer, you can reply to that email thread to set up a phone consultation.

In this phone chat, we will cover timeline details and you will receive tips and tricks on planning.

Once all parties decide we are a good fit to move forward, we can provide an itemized quote. Upon your request, we can then send the formal bridal contract and retainer invoice to get you reserved!

*A consultation is not a guarantee of services. There is no finalized booking until a contract and deposit are in place. 

03     The trial run

This is scheduled about 2-4 weeks prior to your big day. Trials are held in our Frisco studio location on a M-Th starting any time 10am-2pm. Trials range from 2-3 hours depending on your ceremony tradition type.

In the trial, you will bring in images of your makeup and hair concepts. We will want to see visual of all gowns/outfits.


You will get a run through of 1 full look concept. It is best to wear a fitting open neck blouse similar in color to your day of outfit. Bring jewelry and dupatta (veil) for visual.

You can absolutely bring in all items so we are able to gather more solid look concepts for all events.