Is Ms Painted Lady the Fit for You?...

A bride's special day is so much more to Ms Painted Lady than us simply being a vendor. Just the same as you dive into planning your event and give the promises you vow to keep, we honor commitment.


Our brides comb through multiple talented artist which can be quite the daunting process.We cherish that our brides reach out to us and only desire to work with Ms Painted Lady. Understanding the value in our service leads us to function quite differently than other artist' would. It is important to understand your vision in order to ensure we can be the puzzle piece to bring your dreams to life. Once a bride inquires and gathers general information from us, we inquire back. What does this mean, you ask?...


There are two ways to select your wedding professionals. You have the option to pick and choose who you want to work with. In these cases you are hiring vendors. They show up, do their job, just another day at the office, they get paid, you are happy. Yay. This is wonderful and by all means, if you are happy, that is all that matters.


On the other end of things, we have come to realize the value of partnership. Yes, partnership. We hold value in our established relationships with other wedding professionals and treasure our bride's full on vision and personal desires. This is not limited to uplighting, decor and color concepts, outfits, jewelry, the feel of the event, etc. We expect quite a symbiotic relationship that we can all feed off of. When the combination is right, you can feel artistic, inspired, warm-hearted, collaborative sparks of energy in the air to bring ideas on paper into a dreamy reality. Wedding day is like magic. No other ways to describe it. This is the second of ways to select your trusted professionals, and this is the foundation we live by.


We strive to bring zest and imagination to the entire experience. This is how we know that not only has the right bride selected us, but we have chosen her as well.Our true desire lies in being there for our brides. We are the backbone of their stress and the calm behind their smile.

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Plano, TX 75024

Tel: 214.779.2629


We maintain a text free environment unless it is your event day