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Studio Revamp!

Ms Painted Lady Artistry moved our studio from eclectic Lower Greenville to a quiet and slower paced North Dallas location. Our old space had original hardwoods, bright window light (almost to the point that you were sweating because the sun could be scorching!) Open 40 foot ceilings, horizontal wood panel barn doors, and rustic touches throughout.

Upon a huge 2nd story move and getting all the furniture positioned in the new suite, we decided the space needed a nice little paint to help pull the room together.

Against my better judgement, I was convinced dark purple was the way to go (as you can see in the image below) The old aesthetic was just not a match for the new space with the floor-to- ceiling windows and carpet. The layout was a whole other obstacle to tackle and the space felt cramped.

So I decided to do an entire studio redo! I knew I wouldn't be happy until it was completed. I wanted to be in a space I never wanted to leave! I wanted the space to be clean, and open and girly and welcoming!

So I started with the paint color. I found two old gallons of Behr paint in the garage. One was a dark charcoal grey almost blue, and the other light grey. I was truly confused as the carpet in the suite is composed of both shades! I decided to pull the lighter so that is can open the space up. I immediately felt naughty. I had never set out to do a home/studio project on my own start to finish. My usual is start the task, get overwhelmed and quit. But my energy was revved up on this one....so naughty girl went to town on the perimeter first. I was so nervous with this dark purple in the center and all grey on the outer rims. But roll on I did. Before I knew it, the whole wall was complete and only took one coat!

I then decided I needed a statement piece. I began my search on Offer Up app and came across this Mid Century Mod chest from SheekBooTeek (I will tag you all in the link as soon as their Facebook/site are back up and running as they are down at the moment). I got this piece for a steal of a deal at $250!!! Solid wood, original 60s piece, and incredible shape!

I just put a fresh coat of paint on this bad boy and replaced the silver knobs with Crystal hardware for less than $3 per handle. I also was a lucky gal and found a coupon code for labor day worth 20% off so for a set of 8, I only spent $27 with shipping included! (the other 2 knobs were for the bar cart which you will see shortly)

Next step were other furniture pieces for the rest of the room. I loved the ghost chairs to help open up the space and accent the floor to ceiling windows. I got these on Amazon for $140 for both chairs. I decided to accent them with something girly and frilly which is so not my usual go to, however, I do not regret the decision!!! These fur throw pillows are AMAZING and for $30 with shipping!!! Now these were covers only, so they did not come with filler, so I got 20x20 feather pillow from Ikea for less than $5 a piece.

I have a ton of brides ask me for the best hair care products I can recommend and the problem I always had with that is they are pro only!! So I decided to start selling product! I carry Verb product line for Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Dry Shampoo, Hair oil, Volumizing Spray. My brides (and their moms) always want to know the secret to beautifully styled hair that last and it is the Alternia Volumizing spray! It does wonders! And finally, to hold Volume, we have Big Sexy Hair powder for purchase in the studio. That will be another post about hair care regimen that my brides need to follow. Also gracing the shelves will be MPL Cosmetics, beauty blenders, and face masks :) Can't have product without a gorgeous product shelf! So that is also an Ikea steal of $50. I also bought some small lights to accent the product shelves (genius!) Another $30.

And what is a makeup studio without a seat for the beautiful bride? I got this stunning crocodile print chair from Amazon for $90 (It is SOOOOO comfortable to sit in by the way!).

Needed to ground the room and bring the glam so I snagged this rug on Amazon for $89

And for that extra glam factor, I hung this gorgeous Chandelier so there is a little sparkle and bling. Price $80

No beauty room would be complete without a gorgeous Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror. I got mine exclusively from Slay Station Mirrors for $250. It has 2 outlets and a dimmer switch.

The bulbs were the only thing that was a pain in my butt. I did not realize that dimmable bulbs were so expensive especially in the color temperature I was looking for (Daylight 5500 Kelvin) which is cool instead of warm. This gives more of a true color read and we all know, Desi girls wanted to be fair not bronzy in appearance. Who needs a trial to freak out a bride?! Not I! Bulbs were a hard expense to swallow as they are bulbs at the end of the day lol, but I do make my living slaying ladies on the reg, so I need to ensure my working light is the best it can be. These bulbs were purchased on Amazon, and ran me $150 with shipping.

I purchased some jars and knick knacks to make the place look feminine and incorporate some soft blush and grey hues to accent.

Now was the torturous part!!! Waiting for the items to arrive!!!! I was so freaked out thinking is this going to look good together? Am I going to pull this off? And I am so frugile it hurts sometimes, did I just waste all this money for nothing?!!!

Wanna see the end result?!!! Huh, Huh, Huh?!!!!

Now, I am still awaiting bulbs....don't ask me why it takes 4 weeks to ship bulbs, especially ones that cost $150!!! But....I will continue to be patient in pursuit of perfect light!

Total cost of the room redo ran a total of $1305.00. i was fortunate enough to sell some of the old furniture in the room for $350.00. Bringing my total out of pocket cost to $965.00!! This is not horrible considering I could have gone bananas at West Elm and Z Gallery. I am in love with the result of my Ikea/Amazon room!! It is literally a space I never want to leave when I'm there! I hope this post was entertaining, possibly helpful for anyone considering a new makeup room idea.

I will be posting soon on "whats inside the drawers"! For all our past studios, I would lug my huge heavy kit around from car to studio, studio to car. Every....single....client....every....single...time... So I decided I love this space so much, that I don't want to crowd the flow. Sooooo.....I purchased product and irons, and makeup to keep at the studio permanently to avoid the hassle of dragging my kit around, and that big ol bulky thing clouding my peripherals. So stay tuned my sweet MPL glam girls...stay tuned!

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