Importance of adding oil

January 29, 2015


Here at Ms Painted Lady we are all about living a life full of wellness, positivity, and good health practices. It seems to be harder and harder to achieve and maintain that elusive balance in our lives that we are all seeking. In the midst of all the craziness that life throws at you, taking a little time for yourself can go a long way to improving your health and happiness. Our new blog series will be full of fun and fruitful ideas to make the most of your downtime and incorporate and develop good habits and routines to promote the healthy, happy and beautiful life that you deserve. To kick off our blog, today we are talking about oils. Face oils. And why they are so important for your skin.



Sadly, oil has gotten a pretty bad reputation. Many believe if they put oil on their face it will clog your pores and cause breakouts. However, that’s completely not true! Your body naturally produces oil and you need it! If you constantly strip it away from your face then it will only naturally produce more. Our body is full of natural oils that are GOOD for us and we have three ways you can incorporate oil into your daily routine.  


1) To remove makeup: We recommend that you use raw cold pressed coconut oil as a makeup remover! It’s extremely gentle on your skin and actually has natural anti fungal qualities! That’s right -  it can actually help stop breakouts and keep them from coming back! It also contains fatty acids and triglycerides, so when you apply it your skin it will not only retain your natural moisture level, but it will even help reduce moisture loss. Coconut oil also has strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, which can also help anyone suffering from acne. Finally, we have seen many brides use coconut oil over a period of time before their wedding and the results are fantastic! Their skin had a beautiful glow to it because the oil nourished their skin. Not to mention, it has anti-aging properties!



2) To moisturize the skin: We are big fans of rose hip oil, especially during the winter. This oil has high contents of Vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin rejuvenation. This will make your skin look fresh and supple. Also, this oil contains Vitamin C, which helps those suffering from discoloration and dark. Remember, you must be dedicated when applying these products because it takes time. This oil has also been shown to help those suffering from eczema. 



3) To hydrate foundation: Finally, you wouldn’t believe it, but we recommend adding a very little amount to your water based matte foundation.  This will keep your skin looking hydrated, dewy, and youthful. This is our answer to brides looking for that dewy glow. It prevents you from having dry and cracked skin and also prevents your makeup from settling into lines and pores like Jojoba Oil! 



Tell us what your favorite kind of face oils are! 



-Ms Painted Lady Team 


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