Selecting your bridal Makeup and Hair Artist

September 23, 2016




First things first, it is important that you do your research. The selection process can be daunting as it seems the makeup artist trend is on the rise and you can find one almost every corner you turn. Here are some sure fire ways you can be more selective when it comes to weeding through the keepers. 


Figure out how many events you will need an artist for. (ie: dua, mayoun, mehndi, sangeet, shaadi, reception, etc) This will better allow you to allocate the proper funding for your beauty budget.  


You are likely to have less haggle coordinating times and pricing with an artist who does makeup, hair, jewelry and dupatta setting versus hiring two separate individuals (or more) to complete one look.  


Referrals, referrals, referrals!!! When you see a bride who looks flawless, find out who made her into a bride!!! 


Many brides have moved into the era of searching their artist via Instagram hashtag. For instance, I generally tag all my photos #dallasmakeupartist and #dallasmua to catch the attention of local brides. Here are some tricks to keep your eyes peeled for in the event you go that route: 

  • When looking at an artist images on social media or otherwise, you will likely stumble past several images of flawless airbrushed skin. Many "artist" are utilizing the help of phone apps to soften the face which boost the appeal, but is not the most honest approach to gaining a client. I have heard many horror stories about the appearance of a bride in a photo versus in person. If I were looking for someone who could edit my photos, then perhaps a skin softening app expert would be the route to go, but the trick is finding an artist to make you look sensational for photos and while shaking it out on the dance floor!  


I always ensure to hashtag #nofilter #noedit. So if you catch an image that looks filtered, ask the artist to send you the original so you can zoom up close and see that look with your naked eye. Here is an example from a well known artist @amrezy. She is sensational and incredibly talented lady. I don't really see her doing makeup on clients moreso than herself. But super pretty girl. She has admittedly posted before and after photos of a look with and without the skin softening apps, and the difference can be quite astronomical. Every bride wants to be flawless so why wouldn't you book an artist you oodle over their IG photos, right? Here is why: 



Natural Beauty soft glam.You can see her natural pores and cheekbones in sunlight. No skin retouching or filters.




 Different lighting and background with a heavy glam look but you can no longer see any natural pores or definition in her cheekbones with the help of a skin softening app.


  • Look through multiple images of that artist' work to check consistency. Some people are really good at nailing that one signature look, but that is all the range and versatility they offer. By all means, many brides are absolutely happy with looking perfectly the same from day to day as long as they look good every event. However, if you are shelling out the big bucks for an artist, my recommendation is finding someone who can effortlessly create multiple looks for you. 

  • Select an artist who is capable of listening to your desires. Some brides need more direction and decisiveness, if you are that bride, then you need an artist who understands how to harness your desires. This comes with a natural finesse and experience. If you have an artist who is trying to railroad your ideas, then perhaps it's time to look elsewhere. Most Desi brides find this out when it's too late and the artist only pulls this card on the day of services. I have gained a majority of my brides from bad engagement ceremony experiences with a makeup and hair artist. They reach out to me in a panic because they don't want to use the same artist for their big events.



Perfect segway into how to ensure your artist is the right fit: 


The real bride/artist relationship will be established from the start. For instance, every bride who inquires with Ms Painted Lady does so via our website. Even if we get messages in different formats, we still send them there. This allows us to keep our records organized. NEVER get a quote from someone via text or Facebook, it's not professional! Those are the type of artist that show up an hour late or send a backup artist to you at the last second, do not make that mistake. 


We instantly quote every inquiring bride with a pricing template. It gives the rundown on booking policy, how the trial works, links to important information on the site, etc. This allows brides to immediately know if we are out of their budgetary needs or if they care to move forward with the process. 


We then set up a phone consultation to ensure your timeline is looking nice. We take that opportunity to give you a heads up on what to expect with clothing designers, discuss other vendors, give referrals, and it really is just a nice chance to get to know one ather. The biggest mistake I made as an artist for the first 5 years of my career with Desi brides, was assuming that I can work well with every single personality's just not realistic people. Your artist will be in the most intimate quarters of the biggest life events you've yet to experience. It is crucial that you two get along, have a similar vision, and can respect one another. This includes communication styles.  


It is also the job of your artist to ensure to keep your nerves calm while you are spending three hours in private getting ready. I always make my brides eat and drink during this time as we all know Desi brides never get to eat their own wedding food. (and we want to avoid a bridal fallout moment) 





The bride can anticipate that the noise and chaos in the room will be kept to a minimum because her artist is protecting the balance. It is a Desi artist' primary function to ensure that the only presence in the room are those whom don't stress the bride. This can make times awkward for the artist to ask people to leave, but it takes away the "cranky bride" factor when she isn't put in the position to ask the guest to leave her room. 


It is with great honor that I take your doctor, student, consultant, accountant, everyday woman into a superstar. Your Desi wedding is literally the highlighting point of your guests weekend. You are the celebrity. You are the one they ask to take photos with. You are the one they speak of when guest are saying "yeah, I know her" to the person seated next to them. 


With Desi weddings, we all know how these things go. They are chaotic, but man, they are worth it. So stunning. So lively. As a good friend of mine (and prior MPL Desi Bride) once said, "I could not have made a better choice on who I wanted to make me into a Desi Bride". What?!!! I make people into a Desi bride?!! I knew that, but once you realize, these women have no clue what the full picture will look like until it's done. But you Alex, have the control over how you make the puzzle pieces fit. I had never thought of it in those terms before, yet her words are some of the most empowering and inspiring I have yet to encounter. 





Select an artist who understands the honor they have before them. May they be as committed and happy in your fulfillment as a bride as I hope you are as a wife. 


Taking you from Ms to Mrs,  


Alexandria of Ms Painted Lady 

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