Taking the time to properly aid to your skin will make such a difference in the longevity of your skin's youth and elasticity. It also plays a huge part into how well your makeup wears and how smooth it appears. Priming is an absolute must to create a long wearing, flawless finish.​

Remove your makeup with Dual Action Makeup Remover. This will get off the most waterproof of waterproof makeups with a swipe. $18​

Vitamin C Protection SPF 15 not only smells amazing it feels so hydrating to the skin. Bathe your senses in a glow that delights all day. $24​

Exfoliating enzyme scrub can be used on damp skin three times a week for a microderm facial at home. Allow your skin to be smooth and flawless! $20​

Lip Toxyl X3 can be used on a nightly basis to plump lips, fill in fine lines, and create a smooth moisture barrier to the lips. This will over time, create a more youthful pout. Can also be used to ensure the mouth is perfectly primed and ready to receive long wearing matte lipstick. $15​

Pore Perfecting Face Primer brings smooth a and silky base to start fresh.  $2