Ms Painted Lady Team

You're in your bridal suite. There is a presence in the air. You know today is the day that changes your life forever. It is the time you make a commitment between yourself and the one you love, and saying I choose you. It is the merging of two families into one. It is a day of hope. Of gratitude. Of emotion. Of love. Our team feels all of those sensations when entering your room. 


We understand the special place that we hold on your big day. There is a need for compassion, excitement, comedic relief, damage control, balancing the energy in the room. Our team provides so much more than just beautiful perfection. We are the most intimate moment you will share with your family before being swept off to portraits and greeting guest.


Having over 400 brides and bridal party experiences has grown our ability to better serve our brides. To bring understanding, professionalism and decisiveness to that moment. 


Each of our team members posseses a unique skillset. We are equipped with ability to execute all range of desires from red carpet soft swept styling, to a sleek and classic look to be left timeless. All of the  Ms Painted Lady team is intensively trained to work directly with our brides assuring that no matter your desires, our execution is on point from flawless start to finish.


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Team Lead Artist


Team Lead Artist


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2770 Main St #243

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We maintain a text free environment unless it is your event day